Online education opens a new path for overseas Chinese schools

At present, the new crown epidemic has not yet dissipated, and overseas Chinese education still faces many difficulties. Many heads of overseas Chinese schools told reporters from China News Agency that the epidemic has had a great impact on Chinese education and called for exploring new development paths and establishing a "cloud alliance" to keep warm.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, most Chinese schools in Europe have suspended classes since March 2020. Offline courses have still not started. Many Chinese schools are facing various difficulties such as shortage of venue rents, large flow of students, and inconvenient transportation of teaching materials. However, online education Bring new opportunities to Chinese schools.

Since the second week of the epidemic, we have started online classes. From 18 classes until later, we now have 26 extracurricular activities , which is more than before. Because of the use of online resources, we have added some foreign students. , We currently have about 550 students in school.

Some children live in the mountains, some live by the sea, and there are no Chinese schools in small cities. This Internet online course is a boon to these children. They can continue to learn Chinese through online lego classes.